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Here at the Energy Matters website we are determined to both help people survive the drastically high fuel prices of today, as well as promote the use of renewable energy sources. Using renewable energy such as PV solar power panels you have no such concern as there is no by product from the sun. It's all around us, it's completely renewable and it's completely clean meaning that you can use it without paying anyone anything, without being reliant on someone else's service and with a clean conscience. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about Energy Matters.

 Philips Master LED Spot GU10 Dimmable 4W (35W equivalent) is probably one of the best examples of saving energy in the home.

Welcome to the Energy Matters website

With the cost of electricity and fuel rising to unforeseen highs, something you should do as a responsible individual is conserve energy and make the most out of natural resources for you energy supply.

There are many different options to explore, like solar energy panels, wind turbines and magnetic power generators to name but a few. This will both slash your energy use costs as well as helping to reduce emissions. If you want to know more, please contact the Energy Matters team.